Intensive Field Studies (IFS)
Either IFS course provides 100 MA Dept of Ed. PDP's
Spring / Summer 2013
Dates: April 13 & 14,  May 25, June 15 & 22, July 13 & 14, August 17 & 18, September 14 & 15
The object and goal of the IFS will be to study a bundle of important aspects of nature (ecology) and to create a foundation of knowledge and skills. The overall focus will be on ecology, however students' personal interests will be effective in charting the direction of the IFS course. This is a comprehensive program covering many aspects of nature study. Areas to be investigated are soils, wetland ecology, large mammal studies (bear, moose, beaver, coyote, etc.) woody and herbaceous plants, ecological associations, and introductions to Old Growth forests, forestry, and insects. The IFS course will be held once a month on Saturday and Sunday. Locations for the classes will vary throughout the course. Participants should attend all sessions, complete homework assignments, keep a journal and perform independent fieldwork (the more you put in the more you will get out). The last two classes will be reserved for the presentation of fieldwork assignments.
The course is designed so that students will have the ability to learn at their own pace. This allows beginners as well as more advanced students to direct their studies and come to their full expression.
Enrollment is limited and only those who are very serious and dedicated to learning more of the science and beauty of nature should apply.

Webster’s dictionary defines a Naturalist as “a person who studies nature, especially by direct study…” This course is designed to create that person. We will lay the foundation of ideas, concepts and skills to build knowledge and understanding. Direct participation is crucial; direct experience is demanded.

$950 per person

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Please contact us for an IFS application.

$950 per person
Click here for a syllabus
Please contact us for an IFS application.